Building a Good Website: The 2 Essential Considerations

If you are a blogger who wants to build and grow a community through your website, you may have read several tips on the internet. All the advice out there can be quite overwhelming, especially with all the jargon and the lengthy explanations.

This article zooms out to lay the focus on the 2 primary considerations in creating and nurturing a good website.

Engaging content

The main point of creating a website is to share content with your target readers. This means you need articles, photos, or videos that pique their interest. Aside from catching their attention, great content keeps them reading to the very last word of the article.

There are several ways to hook your readers, but the core idea is to share content that your audience finds relevant. It is, therefore, helpful to know your audience on the deepest level possible. Find out their needs and desires and tailor your content around these.

If you have found your niche as a blogger, researching the characteristics of your target audience will give you ideas on content that adds value to their lives.

Good user experience

Having great content is not enough to build and grow a community. Your website's ability to provide ease to your readers as they go through your content is equally important. They should be able to get what they need without much hassle.

User experience is quite a broad subject. Having interesting and valuable content can be part of a good user experience. But for the purposes of this article, user experience focuses on the ease or difficulty in accessing a website's content.

Creating a good user experience is respecting your users' time. Time is a precious commodity, and so make each second on your website worthwhile for your users.

You can do several things to make your website good enough to build and grow a strong following. But to cut to the chase - all these ways boil down to engaging content and a good user experience. 

There are several techniques to achieve these two essentials, but fully understanding them should give you a strong foundation before exploring the nitty-gritty of building your dream website.

Photo Credits: Pixabay