Essay: Drinking in the Drudgery of Life

We all experience unexciting moments, boredom. You are at home, on a Sunday. You have the entire day to do whatever you want. But nothing seems to spark joy – or even sadness.

The brain just wants something flashy, like fireworks, all the time. When you do the same thing for one week or one year, it becomes dull and lifeless. You do it for the sake of it, without attachment to the process and the outcome.

It is the human condition, perhaps. Deep within us, we want to always experience something extraordinary, something that enlivens our senses. We want to see something we've never seen before or smell a scent that's unfamiliar to the nose.

When you become aware of this endless search for novelty, it can be a bit depressing. The knowledge that this is what you'll be doing for the rest of your life can cause you despair.

But there is an antidote to this human reality  – and this antidote can be quite fun. After realizing the drudgery of life, you can do something to turn the situation around.

Because we are physically limited, it's impossible to instantaneously change the situation. When you are bored living in the U.S. and want to move to Southeast Asia for a change, you can't make that dream a reality with just the snap of a finger.

While it's hard to change the physical reality, there's no stopping us from experiencing that mentally. People easily scoff at this idea. But if you take the time to understand the nature of the mind, it can be life-changing.

When you let your imagination free – when you let it go wild – you can experience a sense of excitement. Try writing down your greatest dreams – or better yet, visualize them in as detailed a manner as you can – and your mind will take you there.

The brain works wonders when you free your mind. It is the limitations in the physical realm that often frustrate us. But nothing can limit your mind. It is completely yours. 

You have the power to break down every barrier – every dogma or doctrine – that has been built on your mind because of your upbringing. Let your imagination fly to all the places you've never been to.

When you are tired – and bored – of the humdrum of your life, it is time to unwrap your gift of imagination. 

Photo Credits: Pixabay