How to Start a Blog: 3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself


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Blogging has offered creatives and moneymakers an opportunity to pursue what they want in life at their own pace. Many burned-out employees who have always dreamed of creating something they can call their own turn to blogging - especially those who could simply not shake off their love for writing while stuck in the drudgery of a corporate job. 

Indeed, blogging can become the self-fulfilling, self-actualizing venture jaded individuals have been seeking for. But how exactly do you start your blogging journey? Here are 3 questions you can contemplate as you prepare yourself to take that dive.

What do you care so much about?

Others say you need to find your passion first before kicking off your blogging journey. This is true --  although "passion" can be such an intimidating term and can present a roadblock to many aspiring bloggers. Many find themselves stuck for a long time just figuring out what they are passionate about. It can be a tiring and even frustrating process. This is so because one's interest can change from time to time. This can explain why many end up with "false starts." 

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Another way of making this step less complicated is simply asking yourself what you care so much about in this world, in your life? It does not take several hours for you to figure out what you deeply care about. Of course, you may end up with many answers. But you know that whatever you pick from the list you come up with are ones that you will always be interested to learn about every day.

What do other people care so much about?

Some individuals want to start blogging to have an outlet to express themselves - whether with an audience or not. It is completely okay. However, this article is for those who want a community, those who want to reach out to like-minded individuals. A key part of the blogging experience for these individuals is sharing their ideas and insights with other people.

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If your goal is to have an audience for your blog, it is essential to find the intersection of what you and others care about. There will always be some trade-off at this stage. You may find yourself discovering that your top choice for a blog topic or niche does not have as much audience as your second choice. You will need to go back to your values or your needs to deal with this trade-off. Is a larger audience what you need? Or is it the ability to express yourself on a topic you care so deeply about?

How can you earn from writing about what you and others care about?

For all the romanticization of blogging, many see it as part of an exit strategy from a dull, life-sucking corporate job. There's nothing wrong with it, of course. But it just means that many will pursue blogging only when it can replace their lost income after resignation. For someone who wants to get out of a dreary job to pursue a life-giving venture that can also serve as a source of income, it is important to sort out the business side of the blogging process. 

Several blogging experts offer tips on making a profit out of blogging. But at the core of all the pieces of advice out there is finding a target audience who are willing to pay for products and services related to the topics you write about. For many bloggers, income comes from advertisements. If these advertisements pique your readers' interest so much so that they click on the ads posted on your article, you'll have dollars going into your blog's coffers. 

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The world of blogging is truly exciting. It offers endless possibilities for self-awareness and self-actualization. Getting up every day to learn more about what you deeply care about and write about it for a community you find belongingness in is a dream life. But like any journey, setbacks abound. This reality should not stop you from taking that first step toward the life you want to have. Asking yourself the three questions above and being completely honest with yourself should be a good start.