Living Life to the Fullest: All Tips Distilled into 3

Life is impermanent. It ends at some point. This reality may sound sad, but it also creates an impetus for us to seek a rich life -- not in the financial sense, but in the fullest sense of the word. 

Countless life gurus have offered pieces of advice on how to live life to the fullest. Books are churned out every year sharing tips on the best ways of spending our finite time on earth. It can be overwhelming -- all these ways presented out there on how to achieve true happiness or wholeness.

This article presents 3 core tips distilled from all the nuggets of wisdom circulating around on this subject.

Find out what you love doing the most, and do it more

A key step to living a happy and full life is to find out what activities bring you the greatest delight. Take a moment to list down all the things that spark joy in you -- activities, hobbies, objects, persons, and so on. How often do you experience this joy in a week, in a month, in a year? See how you can double - or triple - the times you get to experience this delightful activity.

But, as in all things, having some balance is important. Just because eating sushi brings you so much delight does not mean you should be doing it every chance you get. You need to consider your health, among other factors. In other words, do the one thing you enjoy the most as often as possible, without sacrificing other things that also bring you joy.

Embrace imperfections where possible 

Life is full of unmet expectations. Things don't always go as planned. No matter how much you love a person, there will always be things about them you don't like that much. If you want everything to be to your liking down to the smallest detail, you will always find yourself dissatisfied by life.

It doesn't mean you don't strive for some change at all. Unhappiness can be remedied exactly by change. But find out what things you can change, and what things you cannot. If it is impossible for you to make one thing perfect, then embrace it and learn to love it, to live with it. 

Spend time stepping back from your self    

The self - or the ego - can get too preoccupied with external events or concerns. Your self can be pulled in every direction. One thing makes you sad one moment, and then another thing comes up that makes you happy the next. It is an endless cycle.

When you step back and simply observe your ego -- its thoughts, feelings, and behavior -- a powerful sense of serenity can wash over you. It is also during these moments when you feel most connected to that realm beyond physical reality. Others achieve this by doing meditation or praying. Whatever you believe in, cultivating a spiritual experience can help you live life to the fullest.

Each individual is unique. What makes one happy can make another sad. It is difficult - even impossible - to capture everything that makes everyone achieve absolute happiness or wholeness. At the end of the day, it's all about knowing yourself on the deepest level. A good deal of self-introspection is vital in your journey towards a happy and full life.