On the Verge of Quitting: 4 Ways to Reignite Your Love for Your Job

When you are just starting your new job, excitement and gratitude can be the prevailing feelings. But it's common -- and natural -- to feel boredom sooner or later. In worse cases, resentment towards the job or colleagues develops because of overwhelming pressure.

If you are reading this, you are most likely on the verge of quitting your job. If you want to resign but still hold yourself back for some reason, here are 4 things you can do to possibly rekindle your lost love for your job.

List down all the things that make your current job better than other jobs

Simply comparing your job with other jobs out there can change your perspective. As you do this, pay attention to the things that make your current job superior. Is your current salary better than what your friends are receiving from their jobs? Is your office more comfortable than other company offices you've seen?

As your negative experiences in your current job pile up, you are likely to develop a deep bias. This can be hard to undo. But revisiting why your job is better than other jobs can help reframe your mindset.

Think of the ways your job adds meaning to your life

One common reason for disillusionment is finding no meaning in the job. Tasks can become so mundane and routinary that their connection to the company's purpose becomes lost on you. It helps to refresh yourself on the company's mission and vision. Recall that feeling of pride and a sense of purpose you felt when you got hired.

A sense of meaning is a powerful human motivation. When you are on the brink of resigning from your job, enumerate all the reasons it adds meaning to your life, and you will feel rejuvenated. 

Examine and challenge your negative thought patterns about your job

One uncomfortable experience after another can lead to deep prejudice. If your job has been overly demanding for days or weeks or months, you start to develop a strong conviction that your job sucks. Of course, when, upon objective assessment, you come to the conclusion that your job is taking too much life out of you, it is helpful to discuss changes with your supervisor. 

However, if you come to a point where you no longer open your eyes to the positive aspects of your job, even when they are still aplenty, it's time to closely assess your thought patterns. Pick these negative thoughts apart and see if they are filled with illogical or baseless assumptions.

Recall the thoughts and feelings you had on your happiest days in your job

When your current situation in your career no longer sparks joy, try revisiting moments when you felt happiest in your job. Revisit those times as vividly as possible. Remember as many details as possible. Reliving those thoughts and feelings can help balance out your emotions towards your job.

It also helps to watch old videos capturing the fun times you have had in the company. Happy photos of you with your colleagues in the office can also revive positive emotions. 

When you find yourself disliking your job, remember that you are not alone. Millions of other employees feel the same way. It's important to have open communication with your supervisor or colleagues. But if you want to start with yourself, the 4 ways outlined above can help you rediscover your love for your job.