Review: Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show is the Greatest Fashion Show Ever

A wax figure of pop singer and entrepreneur Rihanna. Photo: Pixabay


Rihanna is known for being savage. She does what she wants. The “We Found Love” hitmaker is one empowered woman in every sense of the word.

If there is someone who can pull off a ground-shaking fashion show, it would be Rihanna. And she did not disappoint when she staged her “Savage x Fenty” show last year.

The show was nothing short of epic. If you are someone who loves the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show, the Savage x Fenty would be an eye-opener.

If you think only skinny models can slay the catwalk, Rihanna’s show will prove you wrong. After watching the show, you will never look at the fashion runway the same way again.

Shattering the norms of beauty

We have been led to believe that the standard of beauty is embodied by the men and women we see on the billboards or on the spreads of Vogue. For so long, beauty seems to have been monopolized by the Caucasian race. This is not surprising, though, considering that media industry executives are still mostly white.

But Savage x Fenty show completely shattered the prevailing norms of beauty. The show was a melting pot of diverse performers - with a variety of body build, skin color, and gender expression.

Each frame of the video is an inclusive world. It is the frame that we all see every day when we go out of the house, the frame we see on the streets. Rihanna’s fashion show is a microcosm of the real world.

A celebration of diversity

Watching the show feels like immersing in the beauty of humanity. It is a euphoric celebration of our differences. Seeing models and performers representing the spectrum of body size and skin colors will make you feel proud of who you are.

Make no mistake - the standard of beauty that Westerners have imposed around the world for centuries persists. Children, especially from minority races, still face bullying because of how they look or speak or where they came from.

But with influencers like Rihanna providing a platform for people of all shapes, colors, and sizes to bare themselves for a global audience, the future looks bright.

Rihanna does not seek to redefine beauty, she is simply showing what beauty is.