Web Development: The 2 Things You Need to Know before Anything Else

Google "web development" and you will be bombarded with lengthy, mostly technical explanations. Let's get to the bottom of it before learning the nitty-gritty. Without further ado, here are the 2 things you need to know first and foremost.

Web development has several definitions

If you want to know the definition of web development and search for it on the internet, you might end up feeling frustrated. Like most terms and concepts, web development has myriad definitions.

What might be common is this: it refers to all the work involved in building and maintaining a website. That does not quite suffice as a simplified definition of a complex process, but that should you give you the clearest, broadest idea about web development.

You can easily get caught up in technical terminologies when you dig deep into the specifics of web development. But focusing on the big picture helps. Baby steps, as they say.

No definite time frame in learning web development

Different experts prescribe different time frames in learning web development. Some claim you can learn it in three months. But given the complexity of web development, you may just have scratched the surface in that time period.

There are no easy answers as to how much time you need to learn and master web development. Learning in any field is, of course, a continuous process. But a common estimate for beginners ranges from five to 12 months.

This article gave you two broad insights about web development that you should keep in mind before going into the complex process of learning this field. Be ready for varying definitions and time frames offered by experts. But part of learning is getting more questions than answers. Enjoy the learning journey!

Photo Credits: Pixabay