What the Meaning of Life Is Not

Many people are obsessed with the meaning of life. Sadly, some end up taking their own lives because they find no meaning in it.  

What is the purpose of life? This is probably one of the most popular questions, yet the answer just seems elusive.

It is possible the answer is beyond the grasp of the human mind. Perhaps, it is better to focus on what the meaning or purpose of life is not. 

Life is not about earthly possessions or pursuits

Many rich people can attest that enjoying luxury does not automatically translate into a happy living. In fact, there are people who abandon their wealth in pursuit of happiness.

Several individuals have left their high-paying jobs and extravagant lifestyle to go to Bhutan or Tibet and lead a meditative life.

The meaning of life is not happiness

Humans are designed to feel a range of emotions. If you think sadness or fear makes your life meaningless, then you’ll never feel happiness.

Happiness is but only one emotion. Certainly, it feels good to be happy. But being happy every minute of your life is impossible. 

It is important to realize that one’s sense of purpose or meaning is relative. For a homeless man, a warm house may represent the meaning of life.

From the biological perspective, the purpose of life, at the cellular level, is to survive and reproduce. But this may sound dull or meaningless to most.

Indeed, the meaning of life, like the universe itself, maybe beyond human comprehension. Too much fixation on finding your purpose may only keep you from living fully. 

But if you also know what the meaning of life is not, you may realize that your life is not a meaningless one.