COVID-19 Reflections: A Silver Lining -- Or Not

I proposed on New Year’s Eve 2020. I didn’t know we were in for a tumultuous year. At that time COVID-19 seemed too far away. I was confident health authorities will have it under control. 

The COVID-19 pandemic affected our wedding plans, but it also brought to reality what we had envisioned – a bare, simple wedding. Before the pandemic, we struggled with common expectations for a wedding. Our personalities and tastes deviate from what is common. We love beautiful weddings – we love seeing spectacles. But it is something we never desire for our own. We wanted ours to be simple – with minimal embellishments.

Less peer pressure

Is it a silver lining? That the pressure to have a grand wedding was not as enormous during these challenging times? Maybe. Still, we would have preferred that the pandemic never happened. We would have loved it if there were many friends and family members at our wedding.

The beautiful thing is that we are finally together, spending days by each other’s side. It may be insensitive to say that this is the bright side of the pandemic. So many have died. So many have lost their jobs and livelihood. But are we not all forced to think of the brighter spot in order to keep our sanity intact these days?

A blessing amid the pandemic

My wife – then my fiancĂ©e – found a job amid the pandemic. She spent months searching for the right job and found it at a time when many are losing their jobs. It helped us as we grew our savings for our wedding and eventual home together. It sure was a blessing at a time of global hardship.

It sucks that COVID-19 has changed the world so much. It sucks that there is now so much hassle when you go out. It sucks that we are always in the grip of anxiety because of the ever-increasing risk of infection. But we need to see some things that have remained good, while the situation becomes grimmer by the day. There is always a reason or two to power through.

Writer: Anonymous

Photo credits: Pixabay