The Gist of Brand Marketing

Although the word "brand" seems self-explanatory, it is often misunderstood. Many marketers know that their brand is at the core of their business, yet they cannot quite put their finger on it.

Back in the day, branding refers to the name, slogan, symbol, design, or a combination, that distinguishes one service, product, or business from another. Today, marketers consider a brand to encompass the overall identity of a company.

Modern-day branding is even more complex and important. 

What branding is for

The purpose of branding is not only to get clients to choose you over other providers but to also make prospects view you as the only provider for their needs. It is therefore essential to have a thorough understanding of your customers' and prospects' needs and wants. 

Consumers will connect on an emotional level with your brand once they begin to identify with you. But customer loyalty is not just built upon the purchase itself — the brand experience has to last as well. Having a strong brand helps to create a lasting impression on consumers. 

Evolving brand marketing

Today, brands require synchronicity and consistency in communicating with their customers across all touchpoints. This includes everything from packaging to billboards and, more recently social media.

Brand marketing has evolved along with the emergence of new advertising platforms. Most notably, social media has provided brands a new way to demonstrate their values and personalities as they engage with their customers.