The Golden Age of Selling Art

For thousands of years, humankind has been creating visual art. These days, good art is being tapped by businesses to enhance brand recognition and, in turn, increase sales.

Visual art is constantly evolving. In the late 1980s, the world entered another technological era with the arrival of personal computers. It also ushered in the era of digital art. 

Digital technologies present new forms of artistic expression as they continue to develop. Through the use of VR, computer graphics, and other digital art techniques, artists have been able to transform traditional art styles into innovative ones. 

Digital art is for pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination.

Democratizing Art

Creating digital art is now more affordable than ever for artists. But some artists who experiment with digital media are conscious of the limitations of digital tools. For some, a stylus and a tablet computer are not as enjoyable as a real brush and a canvas.

Nonetheless, internet platforms have made art more accessible than ever before. Artists have never had better opportunities to show their artworks than in the present day. Social media, for instance, has provided a greater arena for artists to reach a larger audience. 

Art is not only available to limited circles - often the elites - anymore. Art has become accessible to everyone. Anyone can create art and share it with the world. There may be no better time for artists to get exposure to the art market. 

With all the available tools, it is an age when artists can earn more than ever before. But the opportunities for artists also increase the competition. More and more artists are competing for attention in the online space. More and more artists are selling their artworks to the same buyers. 

Although it may be true that the competition has increased with the advent of more marketing tools, it is also important for artists to take full advantage of the many opportunities available today.