Cease the Moment

Time does not stop. Often, it even feels like time flies. “Seems like just yesterday,” people say when the swift passing of time dawn on them. 

Our time on earth is finite. Life does not go on forever. This should remind us to savor every second of it. 

Life is a series of moments. All we have is the moment we inhabit. Time does not stop, but we can let a moment linger.

People say we should seize the moment, like you can hold it. But it may be more apt to cease the moment.

We can cease the moment by noticing the most minute of details. This way, we immerse ourselves fully in the experience of life.

There is an abundance of sensations at any time, anywhere. Each moment is pregnant with euphoria. Looking up at the sky, cutting your nails, typing a reply to an email—there are joys hiding behind a seemingly trivial detail.

A sign we’ve ceased the moment is when we hear our own breathing, when we feel the expansion and contraction of our chests. 

These days, it can be hard to find the joys of the moment, with all the distractions of a modern world. But often it only takes a deep breath to hear the whispers of ecstasy hiding behind the clanking of pans or the pattering of rain on the roof.

Savoring Every Second

Life is not a gift—rather, it is the box containing the gift. We have to open it and revel in the surprises. Yet, we often refuse to open the box—to explore the hidden surprises of life.

When we do open the box, we must remember to take delight in the unraveled gift. Every second of life is a surprise, and we must be ready to savor it.

Let go of the fear and hesitation, and let the surprise grip you completely. 

(Written by Lander Septimo)