Happiness Is Home

Everyone searches for happiness—frantically. 

Yet happiness is not a missing child or a lost possession. We only need to look more closely, to open up our senses, to let go of what is holding us back.

Stop the search and happiness comes home.

Greeting Gratitude

There is so much to be grateful for, says the optimist. The pessimist asks, Can a Syrian child dying from starvation be grateful for anything?

No one has the answer to all questions. Misery and suffering around the world can be incomprehensible. The optimist does not need to give the pessimist an answer.

When you know what gratitude means, when you know how it feels—greet it, smile at it.

Surrender to Sadness

We are always told to be happy and to stay that way. Rarely are we told to embrace sadness. We are told to dismiss it, to shun it. Happiness is the standard of life, says society.

Yet happiness could not exist without sadness. They need each other to exist. Without sadness, we’ll never know what happiness feels like. The key to happiness is to surrender to sadness.

The Cost of Impatience

We all have that feeling of wanting something and desiring to obtain it quickly—with a snap of a finger. We want to rush gratification. Yet this overwhelming need for instant gratification leads to intense dissatisfaction of the present moment. 

The cost of impatience is lost joy.

Keep impatience at bay by finding a satisfying aspect of the here and now. 

(Written by Lander Septimo)