The Point Behind Your Disappointment

We set so many expectations for ourselves, for others, for life. We draw up elaborate plans and desire certain results. Each unmet expectation is met with disappointment.

It is normal to be disappointed with ourselves or others or the universe. The problem is when you let the feeling linger. Instead, find out what your disappointment is trying to point you toward.

Your disappointment may be a signal to take a new path toward your desires. Or to take a new look at these desires. Your disappointment leads in the direction of self-introspection.

Firing Desires

We are born with innate desires. It starts simple—breast milk, a mother’s embrace. As we grow older, the more complicated our desires become. At our peak—20s, 30s, 40s—our desires become more worldly than ever, influenced by society’s materialism.

A big house, a fancy car, diamonds—these desires are planted in our minds from a young age. More often than not, we give in to the pressure of seeking out these material possessions. And when we fall short, we beat ourselves up.

But we are the boss of our lives. Let us not let our desires push us around. We can fire desires that only gives us disappointment after disappointment, like a consistently problematic employee.

Materializing What Matters Most

The good thing about disappointments is that they compel us to reflect more deeply on our desires. The greater the disappointment, the clearer our vision of what truly matters becomes.

We realize we don’t need a lot to live a happy and peaceful life. Sometimes, we realize we already have enough. Disappointments direct us to weed out desires that only give superficial pleasures and to materialize what matters most. 

(Written by Lander Septimo)