Fans React After Lorde Drops Out from 2021 MTV Video Music Awards Performance Line-up

Credit: Lorde's Twitter Account

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards recently announced that "Solar Power" singer Lorde will no longer perform during their event. Many fans were not happy about it. Read their reactions below. 

Just weeks after singer-songwriter Lorde released her new album "Solar Power," the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards shared bad news for the singer's fans. 

The MTV VMA posted on Twitter that Lorde will no longer perform at their event, citing "change" in production elements as a reason.

MTV's recent announcement left several fans disappointed. A downhearted Twitter user commented that their shocking statement was difficult to understand:

"Please, elaborate in the 'change in production elements' part. That's like super vague."

Another frustrated fan claimed that MTV made such a statement because they don't want someone from another country to appear in their show. Lorde hails comes from Auckland, New Zealand.

Other fans suggested that if MTV can't feature Lorde, they should feature other singers like Normani and Ariana Grande. Meanwhile, another user found the awarding organizer's move "strange."

The user quickly pointed out that Lorde's stage production and set-up from her previous TV performances were simple. One fan chimed in by joking that maybe MTV does not want to use solar-powered panels for lights.

Amid fans' disappointment, MTV added in their statement they would love to have Lorde perform on the VMA stage in the future. She was previously announced as part of the show's performers.

She was expected to perform a song from her newly released third album, "Solar Power." Other singers included in their line-up are Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Doja Cat, Camila Cabello, Lil Nas X.

Although Lorde will not perform on stage, her "Solar Power" song and cinematographer Andrew Stroud are still nominated for Best Cinematography at the upcoming awards show. 

Lorde rose to prominence after she released her 2013 hit song "Royals" which earned her two Grammy awards. She also scored several nominations for her 2017 "Melodrama" album.

Lorde places high value on privacy. The singer typically retreats from the spotlight between albums and returns to New Zealand, only sending fans updates through an email newsletter.

She shared that her low-key profile and making less money give her zero anxiety than what she had in the early years of her career. She added she has enough money she could spend for the rest of her life.