Hannah Owo Once Shed 'Glitter Tears' Over Instagram Milestone

Social media star Hannah Owo has been a trending topic on Twitter because of content that allegedly leaked from her OnlyFans.

A photo of Hannah Owo. Photo: Instagram/@aestheticallyhannah

The stunning beauty is massively popular with 1.7 million followers on Instagram as of September 19. Her unverified account, @aestheticallyhannah, states that she is 18 years old. 

Owo is known for her Cosplay looks, which she flaunts on her social media channels. The content creator is also known for her make-up looks.

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Back in July 2019, Owo became emotional as she reached 200,000 followers on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself with glitters made to resemble tears on her face.

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She thanked her fans for such a milestone. She wrote in the caption:

"i got bored and have myself glitter tears"

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She added it was not her original idea and that the first person to create such a look could tag her. 

With her beauty and talent, Owo definitely has greater things ahead of her!

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