Hannah Owo Shows Off Her Septum Piercing

Hannah Owo is one of the most trending internet personalities today.

A photo of Hannah Owo. Photo: Instagram/@aestheticallyhannah

That is not surprising given her jaw-dropping content on social media. 

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The internet sensation, known for her Cosplay looks, gained a legion of following because of her bold makeup choices.

Besides her makeup, Hannah Owo is also not one to experiment with piercings. 

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In August 2019, the beautiful social media star debuted her septum piercing on Instagram, writing:

"i finally got my septum piercing>:D i rlly like it and i feel like it suits me hehe."

A month before that, she delighted fans after she posted a photo of herself with "glitter tears" as she thanked her growing fan base.

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At that time, her followers have just reached 200,000. Today, she already has 1.7 million followers on Instagram!

With her fierce attitude and jaw-dropping beauty, there is no wonder Hannah Owo has become one of the most famous personalities on OnlyFans.

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