How to Repair Despair

We all experience despair at some point in our lives. We’ve had moments when we feel abandoned by all hope. In those moments, life does not feel like worth living anymore. We dread the future—we dread life itself. 

A photo of a crying woman. Credit: Pixabay

But we must remind ourselves always that life is not and cannot be filled with joy all the time. Without despair, we will never treasure the times we are filled with excitement about the future.

However, we should not succumb to despair for the rest of our lives.

We can repair despair by constantly tweaking our perspectives. Despite how much we think of life as a grim experience, there are aspects to it that spark joy, if only we take a closer look. It can be hard to see the good things when we are blinded by despair, but let’s not stop making an effort. Despair dies eventually. We just wait.

Still, some may find it nearly impossible to accept that despair is part and parcel of life, that happiness is not the only human condition.

Acceptance is key. Once you accept the reality of despair, the turmoil in your heart will begin to cease. Embrace the imperfections of life. Thank all the pain that made you stronger.

Be grateful for despair, for, without it, we will never know hope.

The secret to living alongside despair is to go through life one day at a time—or better yet, one second at a time. Let’s inhabit the moment, regardless of the feelings that manifest in our bodies. Let’s cherish the motion of time.

Our existence is finite. We must make sure each tick of the clock counts.