Let Joy Plow Through Your Soul

You tend to turn your attention to the less beautiful sights of life. The ship of hardship in your ocean of feelings. The incessant chant of your restless ego. The guilt in your gut. The sorry’s and the sorrows.

This tendency is undeniable. It is normal, too. Even useful for you to flourish in a universe that may be an indifferent one. You worry—sometimes beyond reason—because of your innate drive to thrive. You get anxious because of your fear of loss.

A silhouette of a woman in the sunset. Credit: Pixabay

Life fights all odds stacked against it. Life is a fire that doesn’t die until nothing is left but ashes.

Yet you must not let the reality of your fragility to drown out your dream for transcendence. You must not let the mist of fear hover over your moments of euphoria.  

You must allow joy to plow through your soul.

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It can be a difficult feat but courage defeats everything that holds you back from celebrating—or simply being.  Courage cures the rage of doubts in your mind—doubts that keep you from liberating yourself from the chains of melancholia.

Staying thankful keeps you from thinking of impending doom. When you count your blessings, you realize there are innumerable reasons for you to be grateful. Everything, you realize, falls into place. Staying thankful allows your curious inner child to get lost in a magical palace without realizing it.

You tend to turn your attention to the less beautiful sights of life. But that ends today.

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