Meet TikTok Star and Accent Chameleon Justine Luzares

Social media has become a huge part of people's lives especially with the pandemic affecting everyone's getaway plans. One of the most popular online apps today is TikTok.

In TikTok, users can create fun videos and include their favorite images from their favorite places. While others share about the places they went to, some would share it through speech. 

One particular TikTok user caught everyone’s attention - Justin Luzares. The rising TikTok star stole the spotlight with his excellent use of different accents all while staying at home.

Justine Luzares in character as Marites. | Screengrab from Justine Luzares's TikTok account (@justine_luzares)

Learning different accents

Luzares can excellently imitate Indian, Australian, British, and French accents. Learning how to speak with these accents, however, did not happen overnight. In an interview with InterAksyon, he said it was a long process. He said:

“It took quite a lot of movies just to somehow master it.

He got interested in imitating accents when he was in seventh grade. His first exposure to foreign accents was in the movie "Troy", followed by the “Game of Thrones” TV series.

In the “GOT” series, which ran from 2011 to 2019, one of the characters he loves to mimic was Viserys Targa. The British show gave him the idea to mimic the accent with a Filipino twist. 

Luzares created tea-spilling and British-speaking Marites, an aristocrat woman who loves to catch the latest and juicy gossips from the “barangay.”

He fashioned Marites as a stay-at-home aunt dressed in pink robe, a towel wrapped around the head with a fancy cup of tea on hand, ready to listen to the barangay's tittle-tattles.

The humor and canards around Marites include about a neighbor losing government incentives and love triangles, among others. The characters have sent TikTok users into a frenzy.

Marites'entertaining gestures quickly went viral, with several users of the platform recreating the videos as if they are with her while she observes disturbances in the neighborhood.


Joining the list of users who have collaborated with Luzares' nosy character is professional voice artist Inka Magnaye. She teamed up with him in the series inspired by the Netflix series "Bridgerton."

While his comedic chops on TikTok paved the way for many brand partnerships, Luzares never considered himself a comedian until he began expressing himself online.

Amid the health crisis, Luzares entered TikTok for fun and as a way to kill boredom. While he continues to spread fun on the app, Luzares maintains a job in the BPO industry. 

Born and raised in Albuera, Leyte, Luzares lives in Alabang now and works as a process trainer. He obtained a degree in Agribusiness from Visayas State University and graduated Cum Laude.