Quannah Chasinghorse Steals 2021 Met Gala Spotlight

Rising model Quannah Chasinghorse recently stole the 2021 Met Gala spotlight. Many social media users were abuzz over the 19-year-old woman's show-stopping ensemble at the star-studded event.

Chasinghorse wore a gold dress with turquoise jewelry layered over it. Her striking facial tattoos, sleek hair, and piercing eyes stood out among the stars who attended the event.

A photo of Quannah Chasinghorse. Credit: instagram.com/quannah.rose/

The 2021 Met Gala's theme was "In America: Lexicon of Fashion." As Chasinghorse graced the red carpet, Twitter users were in awe of her look saying the fashion model really understood the assignment. 

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According to her recent Instagram post, she is celebrating her indigenous bloodlines. Her bio stated that she is of Hän Gwich’in (from Alaska and Canada) and Oglala Lakota (from South Dakota) ancestries.

She wore pieces of jewelry from her aunt Jocelyn Billy-Upshaw's personal collection, which featured works by Navajo artists from across the Southwest. She said it represents protection, guidance, and love in Navajo culture.

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Chasinghorse's facial tattoos - lines dashed down her chin and at the corners of her eyes - are hand-poked lines are called Yidįįłtoo, which symbolizes life-changing events.

The Met Gala is one of the latest events Chasinghorse has graced since debuting in the modeling world with the 2020 Calvin Klein campaign. She is now signed with IMG Models.

The idea that she is representing Indigenous youth in a public space such as modeling is important to her. As she breaks barriers in the industry, the teen continues to be an outspoken climate activist.