Unnoticed Blessings

We often think life is nothing but suffering. It is a normal standpoint, given the pain we see all around us. We hear of death every day. We hear of a friend, a relative, a stranger falling ill.

There is no reason not to think that life is synonymous with pain.

There is no easy way to change an outlook. A negative thought has a powerful grip. Once it latches on our mind, it hijacks our system. We feel paralyzed. We are consumed by darkness — unable to find a bright sliver of hope.

But no matter how hard it is to overturn a monstrous thought, let’s summon all our humanly effort to do so anyway.

Let’s look around and take notice of random little bright spots—the things we already have, the small dreams we have achieved, the desires that have come to fruition.

This act challenges the reign of despair in our mind. When we find blessings that have gone unnoticed, an epiphany unfolds: there is only darkness because there is light.

A Cry for Light

Sometimes, it only takes a teardrop to begin tearing down the darkness. Crying is a cure. Crying cleanses a crushed heart. It lubricates the wounds of our soul until the pain slides out.

When we break down into tears, we build ourselves back up. Weeping paves the way for a wave of clarity. A thought comes up: Life is not so bad after all. With hope flowering in our heart, we notice a scent of joy.

We feel ready to carry on.

This is a cycle. The thorns of life overwhelm us. We retreat into the strange safety of despair. Then we break, letting the tears wash the thorns out. We feel reborn — again and again.