Videos of Alleged Fight Between Machine Gun Kelley & Conor McGregor Spread Online

Did rapper Machine Gun Kelly and Conor McGregor fight at the MTV Video Music Awards?

While fans gushed over their favorite singers at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, two celebrities allegedly had an altercation.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly during iHeart Radio event. Credits:

Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) reportedly had a squabble. Videos about the duo having a face-off spread on Twitter.

Unverified Twitter accounts showed McGregor dressed in a pink suit being pacified by the event staff. In another angle, event bouncers and some security stood between the Irish fighter and MGK, who donned a red suit.

MGK's girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, who dressed in a racy nude outfit, is seen in the clip walking away from the scene as she was being assisted by one event staff.

TMZ reportedly said via their source that McGregor, who walked with a cane due to a recent injury, wanted to say hello to MGK. The professional fighter took out his hand and walked towards the hip-hop star.

However, MGK said something that the former UFC champion could not hear. Afterward, the rapper's security pushed McGregor away.

The UFC fighter was surprised at how he was treated at that time.

Another angle of the story said that McGregor asked MGK for a photo but the latter denied, and allegedly pushed him away. The Irish fighter apparently stumbled and spilled his drink.

It was not clear why they clashed. Despite the video and pictures about the squabble, McGregor's representative reportedly denied that it occurred.

Meanwhile, MGK's representative nor the rapper himself has yet to address the issue.