A 'Cold Gun' That Turned Out to be Loaded

Acclaimed actor and producer Alec Baldwin was reportedly told by an assistant director that the prop firearm he used while filming the “Rust” movie was a “cold gun.”

According to an affidavit filed for a search warrant for the movie set and obtained by CNN affiliate KOAT, the "cold gun" remark was meant to indicate that the gun doesn’t have live rounds.

A photo of Alec Baldwin. Credit: instagram.com/alecbaldwininsta/

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The affidavit reportedly added that assistant director David Halls was the one who handed Baldwin one of three prop guns that were set up in a cart by an armorer.

However, Halls was unaware there were live rounds in the gun. This led to Baldwin accidentally shooting cinematographer Halyn Hutchin and wounding director Joel Souza.

Newly released documents also revealed that Baldwin was practicing a “cross draw” that required pointing his weapon at the camera.

Recently, Baldwin broke his silence on the death of the renowned cinematographer. In a statement, the 63-year-old movie star promised to cooperate with law enforcement.

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