Charissa Thompson on Her Private Photo Leak

Charissa Thompson has captivated the internet with her excellent reporting and her alluring beauty.

Back in 2018, the Fox Sports broadcaster suffered a hack that led to her private nude photos being leaked online.

A photo of Charissa Thompson. Credit:

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She said of her experience:

"The way I equate is someone came into my home, robbed my home of all its possessions, put it out in the cul-de-sac right in front of me, and I had to buy all of it right back to put back in my house."

As evidenced by Google search keywords, it appears some online users continue to scour the internet for Thompson's private photos.

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A photo of Charissa Thompson. Credit:

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Nonetheless, Thompson said it was her job and her professionalism that have helped her cope.

She said

"So for me, it’s about my professionalism, showing up on Sunday or doing that interview, I can still feel like a professional no matter what happened to me personally because of the way I am authentically dealing with it. Just, how I feel that I can get through things."

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