Katiana Kay Cuddles an Alligator while in Red Bikini

Social media sensation Katiana Kay is known for not holding back when it comes to her photos on social media.

Internet personality Katiana Kay never disappoints fans on Instagram.

A photo of Katiana Kay. Credit: instagram.com/katiana/

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On June 11, the stunning vlogger shocked fans with a photo of herself holding an alligator while wearing a red bikini.

Without a hint of fear on her face, Katiana placed the wild animal on her body as she leaned against the hood of an old red Chevrolet.

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The photo sent fans into a frenzy. She captioned the snap:

"Yes, it was a real Alligator. His name is happy :)"

A photo of Katiana Kay with an alligator. Credit: instagram.com/katiana/

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Katiana is showing no signs of stopping from blowing away her fans with one photo after delightful photo!