Walmart’s Alleged PS5 Console Hoarding Sparks TikTok Outrage

Top retail store Walmart is at the center of controversy after a TikTok video claimed that the shopping store hoarded PlayStation 5 consoles, one of the most sought-after gaming devices in the world.

TikTok user Hisham Hasan uploaded on TikTok a clip showing piles of PS5 consoles, amid the recently reported shortage of it. 

A photo of PS5 Console. Credit:

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The text of his video read:

“This is why y'all don't have the ps5 because Walmarts holding them."

According to, during the holiday season in 2020, the PS5 was very hard to buy. 

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It has become even more difficult to buy this year, and the difficulty is about to increase with the holiday season.

Hasan’s trending clip has been viewed more than four million times. Walmart has yet to address the now-viral TikTok video. 

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