Yella Beezy's Explicit Video Takes Internet by Storm

Rapper Yella Beezy recently took the internet by storm with his leaked private video.

Yella Beezy, born Markies Deandre Conway, became a trending topic early this year after a private video of him made the rounds on social media.

A photo of rapper Yella Beezy. Credit:

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The home footage reportedly exposed the 30-year-old rapper's private parts.

Beezy's popularity seemed to grow overnight following the video scandal, but he denied it was a publicity stunt.

Among Beezy's most popular singles are "That's On Me", "Bacc at It Again", "Up One", and "Goin Through Some Thangs".

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A photo of rapper Yella Beezy. Credit:

Beezy is also a social media star with 2 million followers on his Instagram.