OMB Peezy’s Leaked Video Sparks Frenzy Online

Rapper OMB Peezy is at the center of online attention after his private video surfaced online.

The “Lay Down” hitmaker, whose real name is LeParis Dade, quickly owned up to his mistake, writing:

“I Mybad y’all had to see that.”

A photo of OMB Peezy with singer Rican Da Menace. Photo: Instagram/@omb_peezy

The video, which reportedly shows Peezy in an intimate act, was quickly removed after it leaked onto his Facebook.

However, it stayed long enough online for some fans to record it and spread it further.

A photo of OMB Peezy. Photo: Instagram/@omb_peezy

Twitter and other social media platforms are abuzz over the video, with some fans poking fun at Peezy.

Peezy is not the only rapper whose private video or photo became viral online.

A photo of OMB Peezy. Photo: Instagram/@omb_peezy

Previously, Tyga and Yella Beezy also caused a stir online with their alleged private photo or video.